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More Common Running Injuries You’ll Avoid With Our Low Impact Running Machine

It’s no secret that things like frequent physical exercise and a healthy diet support a happy, healthy, and positive life. Thousands of gyms exist around the world, providing equipment to help people get in shape with. Whether you’re on the path to becoming an all-star body builder, looking to join an intramural sports league for fun, or simply looking to drop some weight and get healthier, there’s always a great reason to get active. Well, at The Real Runner™, we believe that our low impact running machine is the best way to obtain the numerous benefits of running without any of the drawbacks that running presents for so many people. So many people out there have an interest in running,...

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Our Low Impact Cardio Workout Can Help You Avoid These Running Injuries

If you’re an avid runner or even someone who enjoys throwing your old running shoes on and pounding the pavement every now and then, then you might be familiar with getting a negative response from a friend when asking if they would like to run with you. Now, we understand that many people don’t enjoy running, and that’s fine. But many people who are actually interested in running might say things like “Oh, it hurts my knees too much, I can’t join you” or “my back is killing me, and every time my foot strikes the ground, it causes too much pain.” In any one of these reasons that someone would give you not to run, “hurt” and “pain” are...

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