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More Food Choices To Run Away From

Nutrition is no easy battle. Even the most experienced dieticians and health specialists aren’t total masters of putting the right fuel into their bodies, though they are close. Science has only come so far to help us determine what to eat and what not to eat. Plus, we’re always faced with the constant temptation of unhealthy foods with flashy marketing schemes and bright, eye-catching advertisements at the grocery store. Consistently getting the quality nutrition that your body needs to push yourself and perform your best is easier said than done, but we do understand enough about nutrition to help guide your dietary habits. Be Mindful Of What You Put Into Your Body There are so many seemingly healthy foods out...

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Foods That You Shouldn’t Eat As A Runner

If you’ve ever stuck to a particular diet then you are probably familiar with how easy it can be to deviate from what you should and shouldn’t eat. Though it’s tempting to eat half a leftover cake after you just ran a half marathon (all those calories burned - you deserve it, right?) or slam a massive burrito before you hit the gym, getting the right amount of quality nutrients really matters. This is the case for everyone, but especially so for runners or athletes that exercise for extended periods of time. Keep It Healthy With The Real Runner! In a post that’s quite the opposite of our recent post about quality nutrition for athletes, we thought our readers might...

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