The Real Torque is a high​-​intensity interval trainer that works the whole body through a complete push/pull resistance motion​, utilizing resistance in the modes of both flexion and extension, while simultaneously developing ​athletic base, endurance,​ fluidity and power.


The Real Torque is a ground-based, multi-joint, functional training equipment that uses isokinetic resistance in both the ​sagittal and frontal planes of motion.


Athletic Base & Core Stability

The Real Torque is used to functionally train both the lower and upper body at the same time. This is achieved by utilizing the deck of the machine to plant the feet and legs in the desired position, while pushing and pulling the resistant arms of the machine.

There are various positions the legs and feet can be planted in, as well as various ways to push and pull the resistant arms by using one hand or both at the same time.

WARNING: Never lean or hang on arms of the machine. Never apply pressure on the arms beyond the rubber stops. These actions could cause the rod of the hydraulic cylinder to bend. 

Torque Workouts
Torque Tutorials
Alternate & Therapeutic Uses
  • 2-Arm Linear Push/Pull
  • 2-Arm Alternating Pull/Pull
  • Single Arm Linear Push/Pull
  • Single Arm Lateral Push/Pull
  • Core Strength and Development
  • Stamina Improvement
  • Residential: 3 year
  • Commercial: 1 year