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More Important Core Strength Information For Runners

In our previous blog post, we started going over the importance of properly building core strength in order to be a better, safer and stronger runner. Well, we’re following up with another blog post (as promised!) that will wrap up our conversation about the importance of core strength. Today’s blog post will also include good exercise routines to strengthen your abdominal muscles and overall core that aren’t your conventional sit-ups. That being said, we have a fantastic way for you to simultaneously work out your core and run, and we have a hunch that you probably know where we’re going with this… Get The Efficient Workout You Deserve With The Real Runner You guessed it - The Real Runner really...

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Why Core Strength Is Important For Runners

Running is, no doubt, a full body workout. While most think of the experience as just a primary form of cardiovascular experience - which, to a degree, it absolutely is - running uses muscles all over the body that include more than just the thighs and calves. In short, this sets the stage for highlighting the importance of core strength for runners. All around strength training is also very important to train and run successfully without injury, but we’re going to highlight core strength in today’s blog post. Build Your Core Strength With The Real Runner So why are we highlighting core strength? Well, The Real Runner promotes core strength in the body as you use our high-intensity cardio workout...

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