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Taking A Look At Some Of Our Testimonials

As the team here at The Real Runner continues to travel around and showcase our incredible low-impact cardio machine, more and more people are discovering the benefits. From college sports teams to fitness gyms and more, the reality is that The Real Runner is perfect for just about everyone - especially dedicated athletes and those who can’t afford to be subjected to the high impact of running and other exercises. We’re happy knowing that people who want a rigorous cardiovascular exercise and all of the benefits of running can now do so without worrying about the toll it takes on their body. Learn More About The Real Runner Today! Through a unique and functional method, The Real Runner is specifically...

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Common Myths About Running (And Why You Won’t Have To Deal With Them)

If you’ve ever heard something like “Running over 50 miles in a week will make your kneecaps fly off!”, or something along the lines of “I heard that they hold out a carrot in front of runners who are training in order for them to continue moving forward,” then you might be the victim of being subjected to running myths. Now, as much as we kind of want the carrot thing to be true for humor’s sake, it’s worth dedicating today’s blog post to understanding some of the more common myths about running, an activity that millions of people frequently partake in around the world. Enjoy The Best Parts About Running With The Real Runner™ At The Real Runner™, we...

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