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Why Knee Problems Are So Common And How The Real Runner Can Help

Avid runners might be accustomed to the response “Oh, I’d love to join you but it hurts my knees too much” when they ask a buddy if they would like to join them on yet another run. Though completely understandable, it’s a bummer to hear this answer so commonly when encouraging your peers to try and get out and do active things with you. So if people’s knees are really holding them back from doing high-impact activities and even utilizing a full range of motion, we believe that this warrants a discussion about the importance of knees and why knee problems are just so common for so many people. Can You Really Run Without Knee Pain? With our low-impact running...

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Tips To Improve Your Running Mechanics With The Real Runner™

Whether you’re looking to increase your speed and run faster, win more races, beat that new personal record of yours, or learn how to train safely in order to prevent injury, there’s always a good reason (or many reasons) to improve your running mechanics. Now, it takes time, practice and dedication in order to improve your running form, and it won’t be easy work. That being said, at The Real Runner™, we offer the fitness market a very unique and effective solution to train and work on your running form during those training off days where you’re taking a break from the high-impact stress of conventional running. What Is The Real Runner™ And How Can It Help Me Train? The...

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Our Low Impact Cardio Workout Can Help You Avoid These Running Injuries

If you’re an avid runner or even someone who enjoys throwing your old running shoes on and pounding the pavement every now and then, then you might be familiar with getting a negative response from a friend when asking if they would like to run with you. Now, we understand that many people don’t enjoy running, and that’s fine. But many people who are actually interested in running might say things like “Oh, it hurts my knees too much, I can’t join you” or “my back is killing me, and every time my foot strikes the ground, it causes too much pain.” In any one of these reasons that someone would give you not to run, “hurt” and “pain” are...

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