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Taking A Look At Some Of Our Testimonials

As the team here at The Real Runner continues to travel around and showcase our incredible low-impact cardio machine, more and more people are discovering the benefits. From college sports teams to fitness gyms and more, the reality is that The Real Runner is perfect for just about everyone - especially dedicated athletes and those who can’t afford to be subjected to the high impact of running and other exercises. We’re happy knowing that people who want a rigorous cardiovascular exercise and all of the benefits of running can now do so without worrying about the toll it takes on their body.

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Through a unique and functional method, The Real Runner is specifically designed to develop speed and conditioning by training the muscles of the lower body. We’re special because The Real Runner is the only machine of its kind that allows resistance in both the extension and the flexion of the running movement. So, you’ll be able to get in all of those crucial high-intensity cardio workouts while also strengthening other parts of the body at the same time. Check out The Real Runner in action here.

We could go on about this all day, but don’t take our word for it! Check out what people have to say about The Real Runner.

“A Vital Piece Of Training Equipment”

“The Real Runner™ is a vital piece of training equipment for us at Synergy Sports Performance. We love the angle it puts the athletes in and the strength speed challenge it provides our athletes. There is no doubt in my mind the difference The Real Runner™ makes with our athletes. We’ve had our Real Runners for years now and use them daily.”

-Scotty Smith, Owner of Synergy Sports Performance Green Bay

We’re excited to hear that you’ve been using our product for years, Scotty! There’s no doubt that using a cardio machine like The Real Runner is more effective than using a treadmill or other traditional forms of aerobic and strength-training exercises.

“The Real Runner Is A Winner”

“I have been using isokinetic hydraulics exercise for decades first as an athlete and later when I became known as the Dunkmaster teaching athletes to become more explosive improving their vertical jumps and learning how to dunk a basketball. The Real Runner™ leg machine develops powerful hips; this translates into speed and power. The Real Runner™ is a winner. Every athlete should be training on it.

  • Gil Thomas, “The Dunkmaster”

It’s so nice to hear those words from The Dunkmaster himself! Thank you, Gil. While our high-intensity cardio machine improves aerobic capacity, it definitely works on the hips, helping athletes jump higher and farther - ideal for basketball players, track competitors, and more.

“Could Not Imagine My Athletes Without This”

“(I’ve) been using The Real Runner™ in my facility since its inception (and) could not imagine training my athletes without this invaluable piece of equipment -  whether part of one of my acceleration workouts or to finish up our workouts with some hardcore conditioning, The Real Runner™ is an integral part of my athlete's’ training regimen.”

  • Bruce Bowers, Owner of Acceleration Plus

We’re really glad to hear that you and your athletes have been sticking to using our cardio machine, Bruce. It really is difficult to imagine training without using an incredibly efficient device like The Real Runner, isn’t it? Once you’re used to it, you just can’t go back.

“A Cornerstone For Speed And Power In My Athletes”

“The Real Runner™ has been a cornerstone for speed and power in my athletes. It puts them at the proper angle for speed and builds not only the downward force but also fires the hip flexors and quad on the upward motion. The Real Runner™ teaches the most efficient way to run and we all know more efficiency and power means more speed!”

  • Dan Jameson, Syndicate Sports Performance

We appreciate the positive feedback, Dan. Speed and power really are everything when it comes to conditioning your athletes - after all, you don’t have the time or energy to waste, so getting in an efficient workout is incredibly important.

What Will You Have To Say About The Real Runner?

The only way to really understand our high-impact cardio workout machine is to try it out for yourself. As your go-to source of low-impact running, shop The Real Runner today!