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High Intensity Interval Training For Weight Loss

Every individual, whether they are an athlete or not, has their own set of fitness goals.

For some, it’s to win a state, national, or world title in their sport of choice. For others, it’s to get up and run every day. And for others, it’s to be able to feel good about themselves by losing weight and getting into shape.

When it comes to burning fat and losing weight, high intensity cardio interval training is the absolute best method. Why? Well, it’s simple.

High intensity interval training, otherwise known as HIIT, focuses on the best parts of working out. It increases heart rate and blood flow, which ultimately provides more oxygen to those hard-working muscles. It utilizes intervals to factor in rest time, which is a critical component of fitness training. And best of all, it invites people to go “all-out” for short periods of time, burning calories and fat at an amplified pace.

So if you’re looking to lose weight, don’t fall into the next fad diet trap. Instead, learn more about high intensity cardio and bring home The Real Runner™ today for the ultimate high intensity, low impact workout.

What Is High Intensity Cardio Interval Training?

First, we need to understand what exactly HIIT is — and why we place such an emphasis on the “cardio” part.

At The Real Runner™, we believe that cardio training is one of the best methods to not just lose weight, but also get in shape, improve endurance, and increase strength. That’s why we designed our high intensity cardio trainer and specialized workouts for those looking to burn fat and improve their overall cardiovascular health.

In a nutshell, high intensity interval training involves alternating periods of maximum effort, followed by periods of rest or “low intensity” effort.

The goal of HIIT is to push the body to its limits, metabolically speaking, while also allowing for recovery time which is crucial to fitness development.

Going “all-out” doesn’t mean exerting yourself so hard that you pass out, though. During high intensity cardio intervals, for example, you should listen to your body and push yourself to about 90 percent of your all-out effort. This is sometimes referred to as your “VMax”, which refers to the maximum volume of oxygen that your body can use.
Finding that sweet spot can help you not only build your endurance, but also maximize your workouts to burn more fat and lose more weight.

How Does HIIT Burn Fat?

This is a good question. While the emphasis is on the high intensity intervals, which typically don’t last for much longer than one minute at a time, people are often left wondering how it’s possible to burn fat with a quick workout that lasts just about 30 minutes total.

Well, it’s been scientifically proven by multiple studies that shorter, high-intensity cardio workouts actually result in a greater amount of fat loss over time than longer, low intensity workouts (like going for a long jog).

That’s because during high intensity cardio workouts, you are using your full body in order to complete the exercise. You’re often incorporating your arms, legs, core, and more — and at darn near maximum effort, mind you.

That total-body effort burns a heck of a lot more calories during exercise than say, a walk or a jog would. One study even showed that four to six 30-second sprints actually burned more fat than 60 minutes of incline treadmill walking.

That’s high intensity cardio for weight loss at its best.

The Best Types Of High Intensity Cardio

A lot of this depends on personal preference, but there are many high intensity cardio workout options available — even if you don’t have a gym membership.

You can organize your very own high intensity cardio workouts by deciding which option would be best for you. Some of the most common high intensity workouts include:

  • Cycling/stationary biking
  • Rowing
  • Sprints

However, what if we told you that there was another high intensity cardio trainer which you could utilize within your own home and reach those health and fitness goals you’ve always wanted? Well, there is. Allow us to introduce The Real Runner™.

High Intensity Cardio Like Never Before

The Real Runner™ implements low impact, high intensity cardio like never before. This innovative, state-of-the-art workout machine simulates a runner’s movement without the stress caused by actual running or sprinting.

What’s more, it provides resistance during both the extension and flexion motion in order to burn more calories, build more strength, and enhance cardiovascular endurance.

Athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all ages, shapes, sizes, and levels have renowned The Real Runner™ for its ability to offer a comprehensive workout with high intensity and low impact.

Through a few of these high intensity cardio interval workouts, you can learn how to improve strength, endurance, and ultimately lose weight.

It’s time you meet your resolutions. Buy The Real Runner™ today to get started.