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Endurance Running Training and Tips

Pardon the pun for just a moment, but endurance running training is not a sprint — it’s a marathon. Training for those long distance runs takes hours upon hours upon hours, sweat upon sweat upon sweat, and a whole lot of contemplation and determination.

It takes a willingness to grind, an embracing of the process, and a willingness to push your body (and mind) to its limits.

But endurance running can also be extremely rewarding and even euphoric.

When it comes to training for these types of runs, high intensity cardio is almost always the way to go. With The Real Runner™, the ultimate low impact, high intensity cardio machine, it’s possible to improve just about every aspect associated with running — from stride length, to stride frequency, to acceleration, to speed, and ultimately endurance.

High intensity cardio is amplified through The Real Runner™, which utilizes multiple levels of resistance and high intensity intervals in order to simulate a runner’s stride without the high impact of running. The benefits of high intensity cardio training are well documented and far-reaching, which is why runners of all ages and levels utilize this method in order to build strength, enhance endurance, and improve their stride for endurance running purposes.

Keep reading to learn more about high intensity cardio training and buy The Real Runner™ today.

Stay Disciplined

The first step toward achieving your endurance running capability — whether you’re looking to complete the New York City Marathon or simply conquer your very first local 5K — is to stay on task at all times.

Set your goals and make them well-known and unforgettable. Post sticky notes on your bathroom mirror. Write them on your hand while you’re training. Whatever it takes to remind you of the end goal, do it. Being disciplined with your training helps retain focus and motivation when times get tough.

That also means being consistent with your workouts, not skipping out on training sessions, and focusing on the benefits of high intensity cardio to improve your longevity while running.

Run Long Distances

Of course, one of the most obvious ways to train for endurance runs is to actually practice by going on long distance endurance runs.

You should always work you way up and respond to what your body is telling you.

However, if you are training for a marathon, don’t try running 26 miles on your first go.

Start with a five-mile jog, work up to 10 miles, then 15, then 20. It’s going to take some time, but the important thing is that you’re training your body to handle a larger volume at a sustainable pace.

And remember: it’s not a sprint. When you’re training, you should always focus on going at a slow, reasonable pace to improve endurance before you start working on speed.

High Intensity Cardio Training

Another effective training method which builds endurance is high intensity cardio.

Through high intensity interval training, or HIIT, athletes of all levels have found that their endurance was amplified and performance was maximized.

High intensity cardio training utilizes multiple reps of short bursts of output, typically something like six reps of 30-60 seconds of high intensity exercise.

With high intensity exercise machines like The Real Runner™, this helps to increase endurance through resistance training and by simulating the runner’s stride without the high impact on the joints. Whether you are new to endurance running or have been a veteran of many races, preserving your joint health is imperative for long distance running success. That’s where The Real Runner™ high intensity cardio trainer becomes even more handy.

Remember To Recover

Recovery time is just as crucial as training time. Your muscles are what carry you to the heights which you wish to achieve, so it’s imperative to provide them with the rest, recuperation, and nutrients that they deserve.

That means taking proper breaks in-between high intensity cardio intervals, getting a good night’s sleep before and after a long distance run, and of course proper stretching throughout each of these activities.

It also includes maintaining a healthy diet which is conducive to endurance running (think carbs). And as always, remember to drink an ample amount of water to stay hydrated and absorb the nutrients your body craves before, during, and after a high intensity workout.

Eat Right

Like we touched on briefly above, part of a proper endurance running training regimen is providing your body with the nutrients it needs in order to perform for long periods of time.

Carbohydrates are one of the body’s main sources of energy fuel, so you’ll need to be conscious about that when developing an endurance running diet. You should also think about having carb-based meals before a run, and even providing your body with carbs and protein immediately after you finish a run in order to replenish your body.

Get The Real Runner™

The Real Runner™ is the ultimate high intensity cardio machine for runners. This innovative exercise method is specifically designed to develop speed and conditioning through a unique, functional method which simulates a runner’s motion and applies resistance without exerting high stress on the joints.

Collegiate, professional, and Olympic athletes have benefited from The Real Runner™ workouts to improve endurance and overall performance through a myriad of arenas, whether it be endurance running, mixed martial arts, football, or swimming.

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