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Why Low-Impact Exercise?

Everyone deserves to be in good shape, or at least have a fair chance at getting in shape. While sports and fitness may not be cut out for everyone, the reality is that countless Americans and people around the world have the internal drive to get moving and strengthen their bodies. However, bodily pains like shin splints, runner’s knee or lower back pain when running have the ability to bring a high-intensity workout to a screeching halt. If you’ve been running with shin splints or looking for the most efficient HIIT cardio workout on the market, the team here at The Real Runner™ has some good news to share with you!

Getting More Out Of Your High-Intensity Exercises

Our revolutionary, high-intensity training machine allows the user to reap the benefits of running without any of the typical drawbacks associated with this harsh, high-impact exercise. By accurately simulating actual running and sprinting movements, The Real Runner™ is the only machine of its kind that allows resistance in both the extension and the flexion of running movement. Using our low-impact running machine will help you intentionally develop speed and conditioning by training the muscles of the lower body in a unique and functional method, making the time you put into your workouts actually count.

Our cardio machine doesn’t only improve speed and cardiovascular endurance. Ideal for use as a plyometric press and a single leg press, The Real Runner™ allows for complete flexibility in stride length and pace used. This makes our machine great for alternate and therapeutic use where strengthening of the upper body or the core is necessary, while minimizing or virtually eliminating the jarring impact of conventional running and other cardio workouts.

Learn more about our recommended workouts that you can do with this incredible HIIT running machine by visiting here.

Defining Various Levels Of Impact

We use the term “low impact” and “high intensity” quite often, but how is impact defined in the fitness world, exactly? A high-impact exercise receives that label only if both of your feet leave the ground at the same time during your workout. This includes activities like running, jumping rope, jumping jacks and certain cardio dance moves. In other words, in a high-impact activity, your body is experiencing the maximum extent of impact possible every time you land and hit the ground.

Low-impact exercises, conversely, are when only one of your feet leaves the ground at any given time. This includes activities like walking, hiking, and most step aerobic programs. Biking is technically a “no-impact” exercise as there is no body contact with the ground, and that is one of several reasons why biking is a popular cardiovascular activity.

While even the most cushioned and supportive shoes on the market can help reduce this harsh impact, years of high impact exercise can take its toll on the human body. In fact, most physicians and physical trainers recommend that adults over the age of 50 do their best to steer clear of high-impact exercise altogether.

With Our HIIT Training Machine, Age Is Just A Number

The brilliance of The Real Runner™ is that this incredibly versatile cardio machine is perfect for nearly all age groups and demographics. We’ve worked with many collegiate sports teams and programs to condition and train the players with workouts that are geared toward their actual muscle movements during gameplay. We’ve also worked with a number of professional athletes to help better their performance and strengthen their cardiovascular endurance without any of the high-impact drawbacks or shin splint pain associated with running.

Athletes and sports teams aside, however, high-intensity interval training is now ideal for older folks as well as those who have been living more of a sedentary lifestyle. The treadmill can lead to crippling IT band knee pain or lower back pain when running, but with the best cardio machine from us, HIIT exercises are accessible and completely manageable for the older population. Due to the fact that resistance levels are customizable on The Real Runner™, there’s a workout intensity that’s perfect for the lightest, easiest session all the way to a grueling, challenging elite athlete workout and everything in between.

Preserve Your Body And Improve Your Health With Us Today!

Using a treadmill or even an elliptical as a machine for running is now an antiquated practice. Why subject your body to landing on hard surfaces or get less out of your workouts when you can combine upper body strength training, core training and high-intensity interval cardio training all into one convenient motion? Perfect for the gym or at home, using The Real Runner™ for even just a few minutes is time well spent.

Athletes and aspiring distance runners, stop looking for the best treadmill for running. The best shin splint relief isn’t an ice pack or a compression bandage - it’s identifying the problem at its source, and making the transition to the most efficient high-intensity, low-impact workout that’s currently available. To learn more about The Real Runner™ and how to get the best HIIT workout, visit this page.