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The Real Runner Eliminates The Need For Expensive Running Shoes

Any runner who’s been overly dedicated to the activity (or rather, lifestyle) knows that finding the perfect pair of running shoes to bridge the gap between the ground and their feet is...well, no easy feat. An expensive, high-quality pair of cushioned running shoes is necessary for most runners to soften the harsh impact of constantly striking the ground with their body weight. Even with the most graceful cadence and a light strike, conventional running really beats the body up, especially the feet, legs, and knees.

The Real Runner Is Ready When You Are

Well, with The Real Runner, what if we told you that you could wear just about any shoes you wanted in order to use our high intensity exercise machine? Honestly, as our high intensity running workout involves virtually no impact, you could get a full running workout in without wearing any shoes whatsoever. And while we acknowledge the legitimacy of the barefoot/minimalist running trend, this has proven to be very dangerous and unsafe for countless runners.

All things considered, The Real Runner is here to make your cardio workouts easier, more simple, and more effective. Just hop on the machine and go!

Avoid Messing With Running Shoe Jargon

“Are you looking for a high-cushion, high support shoe? Do you need stability reinforcement if you’re an overpronator? What about shoes designed for underpronators, or even supinators? Do you need a brand that specializes in a ‘zero-drop’ shoe, or are you looking for a lot of heel drop? What about energy return? Would you like a shoe that absorbs more impact in the cushion or returns it to you, adding a spring to your step? Oh, and we haven’t even looked into our selection of running socks…”

If the above paragraph makes your head spin, we understand. While going to a specialized running shoe store is necessary to get the right fit, The Real Runner makes this somewhat undesirable situation a problem of the past. So if you haven’t pulled those dusty 15-year-old Reeboks out of your storage closet in awhile because you’ve been rotating between your $160 trainers (we’re still unsure if rotating shoes to preserve cushion is a myth or not), consider that your beat up sneakers are just as good on The Real Runner as the most expensive, cushioned shoes on the market. The brilliance with our high intensity cardio machine is that what you wear has little to no effect on the experience, unlike actual running.

Save Money With A One-Time Investment

Sure, The Real Runner might cost way more than multiple pairs of running shoes, but consider this: As you continue to regularly run, you’ll have to spend more and more money on new socks, shoes, inappropriately short-shorts, energy gel packs, visits to your jaded podiatrist who explains that you just need to take it easy, and so forth. The Real Runner is different because it is a one-time investment. Besides basic maintenance and care, you’re looking at a similar price of other modern gym equipment that offers infinitely more value as a cardio workout that’s actually useful and safe. When you compare our training solution for runners up against other forms of cardio, going with The Real Runner is more or less a no-brainer.

Preserve Your Body And Maximize Your Cardiovascular Endurance

The benefits of running are no secret, but your knees, legs, feet and other parts of the body will take a toll over years of training. After all, if you’re particularly young, you’ll want to think about your muscles, bones and joints years and decades from now. Wouldn’t it be nice to continue doing what you love when you’re 65? Well, The Real Runner can help! Check it out here.