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After Training With The Real Runner™, Here Are Some Race Day Tips

So, you’ve trained in isolation with your favorite tunes blasting in your ears for quite some time now - the past 7 or 8 weeks have been a testament to your discipline. After all, without all of this hard work that you’ve been putting in, how would you beat your personal record for that upcoming 10k?

Put Your Hard Work In With The Real Runner

At The Real Runner, we acknowledge all of the discipline and hard work that you put into your training. That’s why we’ve created the ultimate low impact running experience that accurately simulates real running without any of the conventional drawbacks associated with actual running. With our running equipment, you’re actually running...that’s why we’re called The Real Runner!

In today’s blog post, we’re going to shift gears and focus on some helpful race day tips to help you stay calm and put your countless hours of training to use. Don’t forget to check out the details of our low impact cardio workout machine, or feel free to shoot us any questions about our product.

Stick To Your Routine

The worst time to try out something new is to do it the night before or the morning of a race. From what you eat to the clothing that you wear, do what you’ve been comfortable with and don’t change anything right before your race. This also includes racing with a pair of shoes that are broken in and you’ve been comfortable wearing.

Get Prepared On The Day Before

You’ve been training for a long time just for one morning, so what’s an extra hour or two of dedication the day before the race? Make sure to properly hydrate and eat a dinner that gives you plenty of carbohydrates, but is not going to upset your stomach or cause you to feel overly stuffed. Consider staying away from overly acidic foods as well.

Take it easy the night before and get plenty of sleep. Yes, that means avoiding alcohol and keeping your physical activity to a minimum in order to preserve your muscles for the race. Even consider meditating the night before, or doing whatever it takes you to get in the right mindset for a race.

Pace Yourself

When it comes to racing, pace is everything. If you start out going too fast, you’ll burn yourself out before the race is over, and if you’re too slow, you might not hit your ideal time. Wearing a tracking watch is recommended to help keep your pace in check, but another thing that you can do is follow someone else running. Pick a runner that’s going just fast enough to finish around your desired time, but also reasonable enough to keep up with. Establishing a smooth rhythm and cadence is paramount to maintaining a quality pace, which is essential to running a good time (and having a good time during the race!). 

You’ve Earned It. Enjoy It!

The old cliche is true: pain is temporary, but glory lasts forever. The Real Runner is proud to provide athletes, casual runners and people of all fitness backgrounds with a safe and effective way to build their running endurance and get in better shape. So after all of the hard work that you’ve put into training, enjoy the race! Get in touch with us today with any questions about The Real Runner.