The Real Jumper is a high-intensity interval trainer that allows full spectrum training of an athlete's Stretch Shortening Cycle while reducing the impact of traditional ballistic jump plyometrics.


The Real Jumper is a ground-based performance trainer that uses isokinetic resistance through a single center mounted piston on an adjustable yoke.


Jump Training & Endurance

The Real Jumper allows athletes to create more complex exercise circuits by alternating platforms.

The Real Jumper accommodates numerous dynamic compound structural exercises through multiple squat variations - including standard, pistol and split.

The Real Jumper is effective and applicable for virtually every sport where strength and reflexes are required. It is user-friendly for anyone between 4' 10" and 7' 4" in height.

Jumper Workouts
Jumper Tutorials
Alternate & Therapeutic Uses
  • Static Base Standard Squat
  • Explosive Jump Standard Squat
  • Static Base Pistol Squat
  • Explosive Jump Pistol Squat
  • Static Base Split Squat
  • Explosive Jump Split Squat
Therapists, coaches, and athletes agree that "The Real Jumper is in a category of its own. There is nothing like it!" Read more Real Jumper reviews.
  • Residential: 3 year
  • Commercial: 1 year