The Real Runner™ is a high-intensity interval trainer that simulates a runner's stride, providing a full range of motion, while simultaneously developing stride length, stride frequency, endurance, acceleration and power.

The Real Runner™ is the only performance trainer that uses isokinetic resistance in both the extension and flexion of the hip and knee joints while​ also promoting dorsiflexion of the ankle.



  • Proven results with short intervals (20-60 repetitions≈20-60 seconds
  • Performance training
    • Increase stride length by building muscle and power across the entire runner’s gait without impact.
    • Increase stride frequency through conditioning the athlete to accomplish faster repetitions
    • Acceleration
    • Power
    • Assured muscular hypertrophy - lower back, abdominals, hip flexors, gluteal muscles, hamstrings, quads, calves, shin and foot
    • Dorsiflexion - strength and conditioning of the Tibialis Anterior Muscle
    • Forward foot strike
  • Biomechanics
  • Rehabilitation
  • Physical Therapy 



  • Wheel kit for easy mobility
    • Requires 3⁄4” wrench
  • Dual Grip Bars
    • Standard
    • Extended
  • Workout Regimen
    • Stride Length
    • Stride Frequency
    • Stride Development
    • Acceleration Development
    • Speed Training (6-week cycles) 



    • Surface cleaning
    • Check pads and handle grips for wear and replace as needed
    • Lubrication
      • Silicone lubricant on the tubing of the adjustment slides
      • Grease on bearings and zerk fittings as needed
      • Silicone spray around urethane bushings where bolt goes through metal insert


  • The only performance equipment that provides resistance in both flexion and extension of the runner’s movement, concentric and eccentric contractions.
  • The only performance equipment that trains dorsiflexion by creating a necessity for the athlete to draw the toe toward the shin, in order to bring the peddle arm forward, under resistance, within the runner’s stride.
  • The only performance equipment that provides resistance through isokinetic pistons that respond in kind to the athlete’s degree of intensity of flexion and extension.
  • Provides 3 levels of isokinetic resistance - each level’s intensity is variable contingent upon the user’s output in stride force and frequency.
  • Used by professional, Olympic and collegiate sports of all disciplines (football, baseball, basketball, hockey, MMA fighters, track and field, etc.).
  • Purchased and trained on by individual elite athletes.
  • Purchased and trained on by actors to prepare for stunts, conditioning, strength and physique.



  • Requires no adjustment for stature.
  • Pedals automatically adjust for taller users by extending further rearward.



  • Dimensions
    • Assembled - 39”(W) X 72”(L) X 51.5”(H)
      • Remove 4 rear bolts to fit through 36” door
    • Shipped (pallet) - 41"(W) X 67"(L) X 54"(H)
  • Weight - 235lbs
  • Steel frame square tubing 2.50" x 2.50"
  • Dura-foam sewn and stitched pad
  • Robust bearings (>10 year lifespan)
  • MIG .035 wire welded
  • Powder coated finish (baked on at 400 degrees)
    • Matte Black
    • High Gloss Black
    • High Gloss White
    • High Gloss Red
    • High Gloss Blue
    • High Gloss Green
    • High Gloss Yellow
  • Lubricated


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