The Real Runner is a high-intensity cardio trainer that simulates a runner's stride, providing a full range of motion while simultaneously developing stride length, stride frequency, endurance, acceleration and power.


The Real Runner is the only high-intensity interval performance trainer that uses isokinetic resistance in both the extension and flexion of the hip and knee joints while​ also promoting dorsiflexion of the ankle.


Speed Training & Endurance

The Real Runner is specifically designed to develop speed and conditioning by training the muscles of the lower body in a unique and functional method that simulates actual running and sprinting movements. For more than a decade, professional, world class, college level, and high school athletes have used our high intensity cardio trainer with measurable results and great success.

The Real Runner develops speed endurance — or, the ability to prolong the amount of time where a near maximal speed can be maintained. It is the only explosive resistance training device that stimulates and strengthens the core while simultaneously activating the hip flexors (commonly overlooked in most standard training for sports and fitness). This is possible due to the resistance during both the flexion and extension movements.


The Real Runner | Instructional Video

The Real Runner is effective and applicable for virtually every sport where speed and endurance are required. It is user friendly for anyone between 4' 10" and 7' 4" in height.

Runner Workouts
Runner Tutorials
Alternate & Therapeutic Uses
  • Single Leg Plyometric Press
  • Double Leg Plyometric Press
  • Hip Flexor Rehabilitation
  • Core Strength and Development
  • Stride Length Development
  • Pace Improvement
Therapists, coaches, and athletes agree that "The Real Runner is in a category of its own. There is nothing like it!" Read more Real Runner reviews.
  • Residential: 3 year
  • Commercial: 1 year