Commercial Grade, With Touch Screen & Magnetic Resistance
Our flagship product. Full commercial quality with all the features. Boasting our most durable construction: steel frame with a 5,000-hour coating. It holds up to the most demanding environments. The touch screen delivers a multitude of options and interactions; and the magnetic resistance provides 11 levels of smooth movement ranging from ultra-quick sprints to level 10 setting providing up to 500 lbs of resistance.

Intuitive to use, the NEW tablet-based console Versa Climber TS-Magnetic combines our new magnetic resistance for hyper-smooth movement and a consistent feel on each machine with the latest technology to track workouts, access classes on demand, and provide instruction for new users while providing one of the most effective total body, non-impact cardio workouts available. The touch screen display records and saves workouts; shows graphs of feet per minute, stroke length and strokes per minute; enables users to see total sessions completed, feet climbed and average feet per minute; compete for rankings on the leaderboards; and share successes via social media.